Find out more about our adventures in Romania, the fascinating stories of the people in our images and the challenges of documentary photography. We are happy to adjust the content of the talk to suit photographers or other audiences.

We can host this on Zoom for £50 or travel to your venue (price on application). When we travel to your venue, we can bring along a selection of Romanian textiles and artefacts, a display of prints and samples of our Copper Spine Book system.

A typical talk lasts 2 hours with a break and time for questions.

This is a joint talk with both Daryl and Judy. Please get in touch with us to check our availability. You can book directly by emailing or using the contact form below.

"I think what we were shown came from trust because while these two strangers clearly wanted to take pictures they showed genuine human kindness and closeness. I almost said empathy but I think there’s a distance implied in that word that I think our presenters embraced but then went beyond. And their everyday advanced ease with what their cameras could achieve meant the personal engagement remained. I was very absorbed."

—camera club

"What a wonderful evening you gave us, everyone stayed talking and were profoundly moved by your story and your photographs. I know how hard it is to get pictures like that, they don’t just get handed to you, wonderful subjects but to get those portraits the trust and rapport has to be there."

—community group

"For me, last night's talk was one of the best I've ever seen at a camera club. Some of those portraits were wonderful. Great lighting in difficult conditions. People shown in context. Creative compositions."

—camera club

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