About Daryl

Daryl started life as an apprentice at a horse racing yard. Here he acquired the nickname Dapper Daryl. While working in racing, he learnt the basic skills of blacksmithing and developed such a flair for this work that he gave up his racing career to become a full time blacksmith. His main business is still the production of wrought iron curtain poles, see The Blacksmith Collection

Daryl's love of photography started in 1990 when he bought a DSLR. Photography has been a passion ever since. 

Daryl Ford


About Judy

After a career in IT, Judy moved to Devon to help with the blacksmithing business. She had been a keen travel photographer in the 1980s and took up this passion again in 2015, when she had the opportunity to resume more adventurous travel.

Judy studied with the Open University, the Royal Photographic Society (RPS) and used many other talks, books and workshops to hone her photographic skills and gain a better understanding of documentary photography. In 2020, she was awarded the Joan Wakelin Bursary by the RPS and The Guardian newspaper and published an essay on the women of Maramures and Transylvania in Romania. Since receiving this award she has benefitted from long term mentorship by award winning documentary photographer Sebastian Liste. 

Judy Ford