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Shepherd, Romania 2019Shepherd, Romania 2019

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Romania - The Long Term Project https://www.dapperandjude.com/blog/2021/6/romania---the-long-term-project Romania 2019 (J3)Romania 2019 (J3)

The bursary assignment is just one aspect of a much bigger, longer term project. In visits to the remote rural areas of Romania we plan to record the lifestyle and personal stories of the magical people that live there. By making this work accessible to a wide audience, we may allow some of their wisdom, and their way of living in harmony with nature, to be carried forward into the future. We hope to make involvement in the project rewarding and will find a way of allowing them and their families to access the records we create. We will tell their stories with respect and sensitivity and aim to raise awareness of how they live, what is good about their lifestyle and the challenges they face. 

Photographically, our aim is to allow others to see people from these communities in their normal environment carrying out everyday tasks or showing glimpses of their souls through candid portraits. 

The project will include text, audio and video recordings to accompany the images. We hope to create an exhibition, a book, fine art prints, an online gallery and produce talks and articles to help others better understand this lifestyle.

A proportion of any profits will be donated to charity for the benefit of the communities taking part in the project.

Planned Trips

In addition to the trip at the end of this month, we have the following trips planned:

Winter 2021
Moldavia & Maramureș

Autumn 2022
Maramureș, Apuseni & the Land of the Carpenters

Orthodox Easter 2023
Oltenia, Maramureș & Apuseni



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Joan Wakelin Bursary Assignment https://www.dapperandjude.com/blog/2021/6/joan-wakelin-bursary-assignment  

Romania 2019 (J4)Romania 2019 (J4)

In 2019 I took a photographic tour to the Apuseni Mountains and Maramureș regions of Romania with my husband Daryl. This proved to be a life changing trip. I was overwhelmed by the strength of connection I felt with the people in these remote communities. Their generosity and warmth captured my heart.

On my return to the UK, I applied for a bursary managed by the Royal Photographic Society and The Guardian, the Joan Wakelin Bursary. I wanted to find a way of preserving something of the essence of these communities for future generations. I hoped to do this by recording their stories and capturing images of their lifestyle. My application for the bursary was the first step on that journey. I was shortlisted, interviewed by the Director of Photography at the Guardian and thrilled to be awarded the bursary. The bursary project description:

The women of the last remaining peasant communities in rural Romania

In the remote mountains of Northern Romania, a dwindling population of peasant communities maintains a way of life that has changed little for centuries. Many of the older women in these communities have experienced unimaginable life events, some of their life stories are heartbreaking and most live in isolation from their families. On an initial visit in October 2019 I visited several of these women and found that they have a captivating essence that inspires and fascinates me. They are strong working women who live a simple, frugal life in difficult conditions. They survive against the odds and maintain a positive attitude, showing a generosity of spirit that is rare to find in our society.

The bursary project will allow me to explore what makes this society work and what underpins the strength and resilience of the women that hold these communities together. The essay will look at women from three generations to reveal the differences and similarities in their values. By examining their experiences and their attitudes to life, I aim to establish whether there are lessons to learn from these women that have relevance to the challenges we face in our modern life.

The bursary trip is booked for 25th June to 12th July 2021. On this trip we will be accompanied by photographer guide Mihnea Turcu. The itinerary is still being finalised, but we will spend 14 days in Maramures and the Apuseni mountains.

I must produce a photographic essay with a minimum of 20 images. The agreed completion date is 12th November 2021, although I will produce it sooner if I can. The promotion and opportunities that I hope will arise as a result of this award are as important to me as the financial support.

Link to RPS announcement:


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Podcast: Dapper & Jude talk to Gina Milicia about Documentary Photography & Romania https://www.dapperandjude.com/blog/2021/6/podcast-dapper-jude-talk-to-gina-milicia-about-documentary-photography-romania Today our first podcast was broadcast. Listen in by clicking on the image below.

Romania 2019Romania 2019

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Valeria https://www.dapperandjude.com/blog/2021/3/Valeria Stefanut Valeria III, 2019Stefanut Valeria III, 2019

It was a long walk to the house of Stefanut Valeria in Maramures region of Romania. A widow of 92, her husband had died many years ago and she has no children. Valeria survives on the vegetables she grows, her chickens and honey from her bees. It had been a hard year when we visited in October 2019; the rains had flooded her plot and she had received some vegetables from the government to help her survive. She said she had money, but it was not much use to her. The nearest store was 2 km away, she couldn't get there and they had no food. The resilience she displayed was remarkable. When we arrived she was bent over pulling up parsnips from her small plot of land. When she tried to straighten up she was still bent double.

Valeria, Romania 2019Valeria, Romania 2019

With the help of a long stick she made her way through the gate to her front garden, grumbling about the chickens that darted around. "Kill them all" she said. They are a nightmare to get in at night and a fox took one the other day.

Valeria, Romania 2019Valeria, Romania 2019 Valeria's House, Romania 2019-EditValeria's House, Romania 2019

The area in front of her house was very tidy.  She swept the leaves from the bench before sitting down, her face showing the pain she felt in her body. She'd had a fall a few days ago and said she looked ugly with the scars on her face. She said that there was something wrong with her body and her bones ached. She was tired of life. 

Valeria, Romania 2019Valeria, Romania 2019

The Romanian photographer that took us to visit her, gave her a photograph he took on his last visit. "Throw it away" she said, but she took it, looked with interest and hung on to it. Printed photographs are valued by this generation.

We asked about her family; was there anyone who came to see her? She has a nephew, but he hadn't visited for a while. "He has his own problems". His house had burnt down and people in his village had helped him to build a new house. He had offered to take her in, but this was not possible for her. "Who would work the land?". Having clung on to this plot of land through the war and the Communist regime, she felt a responsibility to work it. It was unthinkable to abandon it. Land ownership was both an an honour and a responsibility.

I sat alongside her and reached out to touch her hand. She was clearly moved and said I had warm hands, hers were cold. She said she must get on with her work so we wished her well and walked away. No one spoke for 15 minutes after that. We were all lost in thought. 





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