About Daryl Ford


Daryl was born in Devon and on leaving school he took an apprenticeship at a racing yard. Here he acquired the nickname Dapper Daryl when he was looking less than smart one day. While working in racing, he started to assist one of the farriers and learnt the basic skills of blacksmithing. He showed such a flair for this work that he gave up his racing career to become a full time blacksmith.

Daryl's love of photography started in 1990 when he bought a DSLR to capture images of his daughter. Photography has been a passion ever since. Having hired a professional photographer for product shots for his business, he realised that he could do a much better job himself and his photographs have been a key element in the success of the blacksmithing business.

Daryl has a wide interest in photography and is accomplished in a range of genres. He likes to shoot local characters and his portraits of local farmers have been much appreciated by the community. He is also proficient at landscape, nature, travel and aurora photography. He connects easily with people and enjoyed meeting people in Romania. Here he is in Norway and Romania and working in the forge of a Romanian blacksmith.

DSC01483DSC01483 Daryl FordDaryl Ford

Daryl FordDaryl Ford Daryl FordDaryl Ford